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Meet Me In ZanzibarWorld Keeps Whirling
Meet Me In Zanzibar

Meet Me In Zanzibar

Anyone that has ever been to Zanzibar knows that there is nothing else like it! The sparkling sands and white-hot sand is delicious under your feet. Coupled with the blue Tanzanite ocean, it is one of the most beautiful, fun and energetic places on the planet. Travelling there with friends inspired us to write this story about the spice island.

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Hilda Green World Keeps Whirling Album Launch

A year and a half  in the making, a lifetime brewing. Hilda Green brought her cruisy sounds to The Wesley Anne to launch her first solo album.

Featuring special guests Kate Grealy and Andrew McCubbin.

Hilda Green played with a delectable selection of fabulous musicians.

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Hilda Green World Keeps Whirling Album Launch

Free Download: Ol' Lobo

Ol’ Lobo is the first single released by Hilda Green. The song explores the relationship with the shadow side, using the metaphor of Ol’ Lobo (a wise, mythical wolf) and the mysterious snake. The song is both whimsical and thoughtful, deliberately rhythmic and mesmerising.


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