“Music is a love child born out of late night impulses and afternoon delights, a brimming mass of potential flowing, a melting pot of ideas and inspirations.”

Hi! I’m Hilda Green, an independent musician.

I weave poetry to music. Exploring rhythms and soundscapes. Creating a tapestry of sound, feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Originally from South Africa, I regularly travel to East and South Africa to collaborate with local African artists and musicians.

My music is an eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock and spoken word – with rhythmic African influences.

My live shows are energetic and engaging, combining live musicians and electronic devices to create a rich and uplifting sound. With lots of stage banter, I love to share the stories behind my songs and spoken word performances.

My songs are a collection of stories exploring life, love, everyday experiences and feelings. I write from the heart, hoping to present stories that are relatable and interesting – a grain of common truth in our common existence.

I enjoy seeing the bright side among the bleak. For every dark cloud, I hope to find a shimmering thread of positivity.


bent not broken, 2023

bent not broken is a three track EP, recently set free to the sonic airwaves! The EP consists of garden grow, father story and entirely open – recorded at Yarra Bend in Melbourne with producer Marc Scollo. The EP explores the themes of resilience, friendship, family and remaining open hearted despite life’s many curve balls! Japanese based musician, Sorcha Chisholm, lends her silky vocals and uplifting keys to the recording as a special guest star.

Meet Me In Zanzibar, 2022

Co-written with Bony Kichaa & Maasai Blonde. Recorded and Produced by Licky Tuchez in Arusha, Tanzania

It Don’t Matter, 2021

Co-written with Bony Kichaa. Recorded and Produced by Daz Nawlege in Arusha, Tanzania

World Keeps Whirling, 2020

My album World Keeps Whirling is an eclectic mix of alternative folk, blues and rock with African influences.


I’m a keen collaborator. My work features artists from across Australia and the globe, creating a melting pot of music, ideas and inspirations.

  • Hilda Green: Vox, Guitar
  • Bony Kichaa: Vox, Lyrics
  • Maasai Blonde: Lyrics
  • Katanga Juniour: Vox, Lyrics
  • Jeff Samin: Bass
  • Sascha Campbell: Drums
  • Peter Kearney: Mandolin
  • Jane McCracken: Keys, Flute, Melodica
  • Olugbade Okunade: Trumpet
  • Tammy Haider: Vox
  • Kate Grealy: Vox

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