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Last night I saw you sleeping
And I watched your soul
As it silently drifted
And unravelled gold

I gazed at the angel above your head
As it smiled at its’ sleeping self in bed

Angel – over my head
Angel – in my bed

Since i met you I broke my alarm
I’ve come to avoid awaken day time
Between asleep and awake is where we reside
Our limbs are slick with perfumed desire

Maybe I’ll just bandage my head
And stay here alone with you in my bed


I sit in the light of the pale blue moon
Bathed in the light of its milky blue swoon
The shadow prince rises in ascending flight
As he walks with his guide
The veiled blackened night

He walks like you do and he talks like you do
But when he kisses, he kisses like voodoo
Kisses like voodoo

No I never did like
Brief encounters like last night was
I can break my own arrows
I can be my own shadow

Where did all the flowers go?
Where amongst us, where can they grow now?
I just met some fairy folk
And I believe them, I believe in them