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Little Black Dress

Sometimes you just gotta get over yourself and put on your Little Black Dress.


It’s been a while since I felt like I
I could lose my head
Exploding, under pressure
An empire of dread
The rain it came and swept a path
Straight through the hole in the middle of my heart

It feels like such a long time since I rolled my stockings on
And my little black dress
And looked into the mirror
To paint my lipstick on

The wind it blew, with seething thunder
I tossed, I turned, I prayed for cover

The city lights are bright
And calling out to me tonight
Ill be there in a heartbeat
Be there to turn up the heat

We live, we try, each to discover
That feelings are free to give each other

I’ll paint the town a crimson red
Dance til the morning light has bled
Laugh til the lines have all been said
Just as soon as I get out of bed

It’s not just party girls and late night bluffers
First you try, but you may suffer